Post Affiliate Pro 4 has a brother

27.5 2011, 10:18
Live Agent
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Post Affiliate Pro 4 has a brother. The same framework, the same company and the same super feeling from using it. The name of this new application is Live Agent.
After more than a year developers from Quality Unit finally finished a new version of livechat application. The old one was cool but this new one is super cool. Why? Because it is not just a livechat application anymore - it combines two famous products - Live Agent and Support Center.
When you install Live Agent it becomes a livechat application right after few basic settings. But if you set it up a little more into deep, you will find out it can also work as a helpdesk. And it is automatically separated based on the online status of your agent. If your agents are online, the online button appears on your integrated websites and your customers can directly chat with agents. If the agent is offline or does not support livechat then the application changes all buttons to offline ones automatically. So the customer will find a similar button on your website but now clicking it will bring a contact form. Both ways of communication stay in the same ticket, so your agents can see history of the communication.
Do you have more departments? No problem for Live Agent. You can create departments and assign different agents with different rights into it. So e.g. agents from IT department can not answer chats or emails for CEO department. For each department there is a separated button you can customize. And if you want to know how good your agents are in their work, you can rely on a very useful feature called Ranking agents - after the end of chat customers can rate agent. If support they provided was great, they can leave a message. The same for very poor support - customer can let you know what exactly was wrong or what they were not satisfied with, so you can teach your agents.
Still not enough information? Then check this out - you can test full featured trial version. Unbelievable, right? You can find it all here: http://www.qualityunit.com/liveagent/
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